Light in Night - More about the game world and the soundtrack.

Hi there! In touch Drear Games. Today we will talk about the game much more than the previous time.

Let's start perhaps with what design we have chosen for the game.

As you may know, even a game like ours needs a design. Personally, our game requires a background that the player is sure to pay attention to. We try to pick up the background atmosphere of the game and change it depending on the location of our heroine. It would seem easy and simple, but in fact it is not. We try to convey to you the whole atmosphere of the game, so she hooked you, and this requires ambient and a very suitable soundtrack. The game takes place in the city of New York, in 2022. Our heroine lives a simple life of a student who is obsessed with social networks, bars and cyberpunk. The soundtrack should be chosen very suitable style and backgrounds of the game. We decided not to fill up the world of the game technology, so we decided to slightly complement our world to make it a little transformed. For the game, we will draw a promo art, which is simply obliged to show the overall style of play, maybe we will even attract players, who knows? :)

We thank those who have read to the end. We promise you to try with these aspects, as well as not to delay the news.

Yours, Drear Games.

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