A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Light in Night - episodic text adventure by Drear Games. Feel like Mia, a girl who lives a carefree life. Go through the daily routine, find yourself a dream person and Wake up after alcohol intoxication at absolutely not the right time. Dance in clubs and do whatever you want. Follow the game story, make friends.

List of supported platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, HTML5.

The game requires an Internet connection.

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* Choose who will be your MIA.
* Try to find out who is behind all the troubles that arise in your way.
* Make very important choices that will affect the storyline.
* Fun. Sad. Decide.
* Very well-chosen for the game style soundtrack, and the ambient component from our team.

Episode 1 - "Treason" will be available 20 August. 

Episode 2 - Coming Soon

Episode 3 - Coming Soon

Episode 4 - Coming Soon

Episode 5 - Coming Soon

System requirements:

For Windows/Linux/Mac:
1GB of RAM
2GHz dual-core processor
1GB of free hard disk space
Internet connection

For Android:
512 RAM
Dual-core 1.3 ghz processor
Internet connection

For HTML5:
List of browsers that support the game:
Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Yandex Browser, Safari

at the moment, the game is in development, so some things will change.

Install instructions


1. Download the game from Itch.

2. If you are using a computer, drag and drop the HTML file of the game to your browser.

3. Enjoy the game.


1. Download the game from Itch.

2. Open the game using any browser.

3. Have fun.


Light in Night Demo 1.2.1 (ENGLISH).html 326 kB
Light in Night Demo 1.2 (RUSSIAN).html 353 kB

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